Ruby Arun

Friday, 28 February 2014

What Anna Hazare is doing is very strange,............... By Ruby Arun

Annaji, India do appreciate your protest to get clean Lok Pal bill and made corruption as big national issue. You did your good job as Mahatama Gandhi did for India for first liberation of India.Now you are making mistake like Mahatama Gandhi. At the time of participation of India, it was OK for Gandhiji, even if Mohammad Ali Jinah become Indian first PM, it is ok for him to avoid division of India on religious basis, his second mistake was to endorse Nehru instead of Sardar Patel. India should learn to face the fact and go against any leader, whether Mahatama Gandhi or Annaji, if they are wrong. india has become country of followers because they were slave for so many years. Same mistake Annaji is making now by endorsing Mamta only because she is endorsing his 17 points agenda verbally, it means his "ME" got pleased. Same Annaji, "ME" was very happy in the company of Kajeriwal and now going against him in public. If you were together on Lok Pal bill in the past, than why are you going against Kajeriwal in public ?. Annaji, your agreed Lok Pal bill was weak and that's why supported by corrupt congress party, Annaji Lok Pal bill is very weak and cannot bring good result on corruption issue compare to what Kajeriwal proposed on his Lok Pal bill. If Kajeriwal would have been honest and do not want power, than he would have supported BJP with condition that, if they introduce his version of Lok Pal bill after getting in Delhi power, he will support BJP from outside. But Kajeriwal preferred to take support of corrupt congress party because he is power hungry. Just to get into power, Kajeriwal is coming out with allegation against Ambani and Tata, who brought industrial revolution in India. If they are guilty than there is a way to take legal action against them but without any proof to talk against them in public is wrong political move with self interest to get in power by any means. Look like both Annaji and Kajeriwal are no good for India except bringing more awareness on subject of corruption. Baba Ramdev was talking more against corruption of congress for many years. Even Annaji got courage to go for mass protest against corruption because of able support of Kajeriwal and now blaming him in public is not good. What can we expect from dull and limited mind who have good idea but do not know how to implement to see good result out of such idea. Idea of weak Lok Pal bill was sold to Sonia by Annaji and than Rahul took the credit for it. Is this the way such new players on national platform want to lead India leading towards anarchy ? How any sensible person can support Mamta ? she is impulsive, her conditioned mind is full of anger and violence, she does not have any tolerance, she is non cooperative. How come Annaji endorse her as next PM of India ? Annaji endorsing her because his "ME" is happy when Mamta verbally agreed upon his 17 points agenda and nothing else. Verbally agreement have no meaning at the time of election.
You were really good at the start of your effort to bring some laws which could help normal human beings and many Indians supported your movement. But It seems that you have lost your real aim of the movement and started supporting the parties or leader who can not do anything for the country. If you keep doing same stunts again and again I really doubt if single person even from your native village will also support you.

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