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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Do we need a leaders for criticizing the victims? These leaders deserve the treatment of deposing them in the middle of the jungles.

VHP and RSS live in a world that used to exist about a 100 years back. They are talking all nonsense nowadays. Totally not in touch with the real world. This is the current problem in India I guess - more than 60% of the population I think is below 30 years of age, and 90% of the decision makers and party leaders are 80 . They just have no connection......

Blaming west for everything is heights of stupidity. .....These IDIOTS are just another version of dumb khaps----

Like veritable camels with head under sand they refuse to see how women were in different cultures across the subcontinent. How about Ahalya and Kunti for post-marital and pre-marital s*x ??  Why do these idiots want to own anyone's womb like MCPs like Manu of the infamous manusmriti? Who gives them the right ??
Yeah, Rambha, Urvashi, Menaka were imported from America. Sharing one woman among five brothers is imported from England. Ellamma pooja by naked women was imported from Germany. Low caste women in kerala nor allowed to cover their chest was imported from Uganda. Vyshali was imported from Greece. Khajrao was built by king henry III. Kama sutra was written by Queen Elizebath...................

It is time for these idiots to go. In a country that makes woman only a mother, wife, or sister but never herself, these views have been going on since centuaries. If India really wants to develop than we need to change. Men have not really made this world any better. History repeats itself constantly, over the centuries ! Nations become powerful and than they go to the bottom of the pile !! None of these rulers, all men, have never spread love, sharing etc when they were on top. They only start talking whne they have had fill of there blood thrist. Power is the strongest aphrodisiac. Men love it absolutely. Violance towards weaker segment of society emanantes from this pwer, be it weaker man or women. We need to grow out of it otherwise there is no hope for mankind. We will continue on this path of self destruction. Men like Singhal and his cronies have no clue what they are talking about, really !
The problem is with the mind set;If you go to any Dhandiya or Traditional programmes, i we find ladies wearing ethnic dresses like Sarees and Ghagras in a far more revealing manner just to look more seductive.

 Lets not be hypocrites here by pointing fingers at western tradition. There are pros and cons in all traditions. The actual problem here is in the mind set of the narrow minded, regressive Indian male.

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  1. Well said.....cursing western tradition without knowing Indian Tradition is completely nonsense and rubbish may of dem know that in Maurya Empire...women were free to make livelihood at her own will through prostitution and dey were said "Rupajiva". Khajurao temples and many caves having arousing sculptures and idols to create attraction for sex. In other word, the western culture at present is civilization of our past....