Ruby Arun

Monday, 18 June 2012

Mr. Chidambaram look who’s funding Maoists ....By Ruby Arun

Our Home Ministry is eager to deploy army against the Naxalites but has kept hidden the list (of 2007) of those industrialists and capitalists funding the Naxalites. No action has been taken against them and, shockingly, even some government units too involved in the same. Now this question has become serious because in 2007 itself the Home Ministry was informed by the intelligence agencies about those industrialists, businessmen, capitalists, government units, BDO and CDO’s present in the Naxalp-affected states who are giving them huge amounts of money.
Due to this regular funding, the Naxals are not only becoming stronger and purchasing the latest arms and ammunitions but now they are trying to establish and run a parallel government too. After getting the official information about this move, the intelligence agencies handed over this report to the Home Ministry. The truth is that this list is been hidden in the files in the very ministry of our Home Minister P. Chidambaram since 2007 and the irony is that the Centre itself kept shouting that the funding of the Naxal organisations is increasing day by day. The higher officials of the intelligence agencies have to say that the Centre has the list of all the names from 2007 till 2010. But the action and words of the government are mere pretence, nothing else.
Our government who is the blind follower of America could not take a lesson from them. Before announcing the war against terrorism, American government paralysed the terrorist organizations economically by sealing all the bank accounts and sources of their funding, but in India action means big speeches.
Chauthi Duniya has the list of the funding in Jharkhand of 2007-08. The Home Minister has kept giving statements that the Naxals get most of the money from Jharkhand only. The 26-page list contains more than 550 names which Chauthi Duniya has in its possession. Few names will shock and will force you to think that what kind of system our country has. On April 17, 2010 when the police got hold of the Maoist leader Kishanji’s laptop, then on the basis of the information gathered from the laptop it was revealed that this year 12.20 crore rupees were given to the Maoists from Jharkhand. These Maoists collect Rs 100 crore in three years and even pay their cadre. The intelligence officers call these Naxal organistaions as Naxal corporations and have said that this year they have increased the target to Rs 150 crore.
In 2007, the Naxalites made a contact with an Austrian company for the purchase of arms and ammunition. Leave alone blocking the economic sources, the government has even failed to trace and destroy the source of the arms and ammunition. Another dilemma is that the data of the Home Ministry reveals that the income of the Naxals is approx Rs 14 crore and few days back, the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh too said officially that the budget could be up to Rs 1,200 crore whereas police say that it is 2,000 crore.
The lifestyle of the Naxalites too reveal their richness. A Naxal commander who was caught in the Bundu area of Jharkhand was found wearing Reebok shoes, a branded shirt and a high class mobile phone. Regional commander Kundan Pathan who robbed a bank in May 2008 returned only one out of four lakh rupees he robbed. Rest of the money he spent on mobiles and purchasing weapons. The Naxals also have high class motorbikes. The intelligence agencies even say that the Naxal leaders are even investing huge money in the business and industries in many states. This was revealed after the arrest of Maoist Polit bureau member Amitabh Bagchi in 2009. He was found having documents of the investment worth Rs 20 crore in some industrial units of Bengal. Even the Bengal Chapter secretary Somen, revealed after his arrest that the investment amount is not less than a million.

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