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Sunday, 29 April 2012

P Chidambaram wants to be Prime Minister By Ruby Arun

Why is the Government helpless!

Home minister P. Chidambaram wants to be the Prime minister of India and Kapil Sibbal who roams around him is eying the chair of Home minister.
P. Chidambaram to turn his dreams into reality is smartly using Intelligence agency I.B that is Intelligence Bureau. P Chidambaram is so much excited to become the Prime minister of the country that he has sidelined his Party, the Government and along with that he has no concerns for the internal security of the nation.  With the help of some top level officials of IB and sharp minded officials of Defense Intelligence he is controlling the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, A.K Antony, Pranab Mukherjee, Ministry of Defense and several other top ranked officials of the ministry of finance and PMO, who can create a hindrance in his way to become the Prime minister.
Ministry of Home Affairs with the help of top officials of IB and Defense Intelligence has tapped the phone of all of them and is still in progress. Off Air Interceptor that checks the movement of enemies on border is being used for spying by fixing it to the vehicles standing in north and south block parking’s. Off Air Interceptor is a device that can record telephonic conversations in an area of around 3 kilometer. This device has two modes that are receiver and connector. If one has to record any conversation then he just needs to feed the number of that person in the connector and own number in the receiver. All the conversations done on the feed numbers in the connector automatically gets recorded on the receiver’s mode.  Using this technique the Ministry of home affairs on Home minister’s order has recorded the telephonic conversation of his political competitors.
However, I.B comes under Ministry of home affairs but three of the top officials of Defense Intelligence who have helped are the most reliable officers of the controversial army officer Lieutenant General Tejinder Singh. Tejinder singh has been the Director General of Defense Intelligence during his service period. The three officers involved are top ranked officers that include a Major General, a Colonel and a Brigadier. We have the name of the three Officers as evidence but as the Defense Minister has ordered a probe against these officers and confidential investigation is still in progress so interest their names can’t be disclosed in national interest.
Bugging that has been done includes the name of two key personalities like AK Antony and Pranab Mukherjee. But the list goes on and on that includes the name of Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Digvijay Singh, Defense secretary Shashikant Sharma, Lieutenant General Vikram Singh, Attorney General Goolam E Vahanvati, U U Lalit (Advocate of General VK Singh) and Attorney General Rohinton Nariman’s phone has been recorded. Special Secretary of Sonia Gandhi Madhvan and Umesh’s phone is also on the radars of Ministry of Home Affairs. Every single information on Rahul Gandhi that where he goes, whom he meets, and how long he talks is all provided in a jiffy by the I.B to the Ministry of Defense. I.B is keeping a close eye on the office and places of Omita Paul who is Adviser to the Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and his Personal Secretary Manoj Pant.

Joint secretary level officers in the ministry of defense say that after the results of the UP Polls was declared; Rahul went to Philippines for a week and he did scuba diving there. Officers of I.B and Raw also followed him not to provide him security but as detectives. It is not so that Soniya Gandhi and Manmohan Singh are unaware of what P. Chidambaram is doing. But all of them are helpless and unable to take any action against P Chidambaram. It’s weird but true. P Chidambaram to succeed in his strategy has pre-planned everything and phone tapping is indeed an integral part of it.
Allegations against P Chidambaram for helping his son Kartik who is being claimed to be one of the direct beneficiaries of the 2 G Scam caught heat including his involvement in the defense deal. Chidambaram to maintain his false pride and prejudice can go to any extent and therefore he is trying to have control over everything that is not going his way. Defense Minister A K Antony has joined hands with Army Chief General V K Singh to work on the condition of Indian Army that is worse today. And to strengthen the Army they are looking on each and every aspect so as to end corruption that has flourished in the defense. But this is alarming for P Chidambaram as the mask of the beneficiaries will be exposed. So he is doing all what he can do to get control over everything and that’s why he is trying to defame his colleagues by any mean. Today credibility among the ministers has vanished to such an extent that none of the minister’s have trust on Chidambaram.
But the point to ponder is if everyone is well aware of Whatever Chidambaram did then, why the Government is afraid of taking any action against him? To accomplish his desires he has become so mean that he is playing with the national sovereignty.

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  1. Mr. P.Chidambaram has zero percent probability to become the P.M. of this nation at least in next three years. It was merely luck that Mr. ManMohan Singh became the Prime Minister of India and continues so. In the next elections, the entire political matrix shall change and at least Congress party is not busy in calculating the political risks of whatever happening and getting reported in the media.